Follow these five tips to keep your smile healthy throughout an orthodontic treatment.

You have decided to proceed with an orthodontic treatment. Congratulations — this means you have made a long-term commitment to the health and appearance of your smile.

But how can you ensure that your smile stays in great shape in the immediate term? Read on to discover the top five tips for keeping your smile protected during orthodontic treatment.

1. Adjust your brushing strategy

Particularly if you have been fitted with traditional braces, you may need to adjust your brushing technique to ensure safe, effective cleaning. In general, aim to brush your teeth more gently and to spend more time cleaning your teeth.

Some patients might find that brushing three times a day (once after every meal) is helpful, and the use of an interdental brush is also recommended. The small, shaped bristles on these brushes can make cleaning the spaces between the teeth and braces easier to accomplish. 

For those fitted with a clear plastic orthodontic device, such as an Invisalign tray, your brushing routine will remain unaffected by the orthodontic treatment. Just be sure to properly clean and sanitise your plastic aligners to maintain optimum oral health.

2. Floss thoroughly and use mouthwash every day

Flossing is always important – but it becomes even more so when you are wearing braces. Floss at least once a day to remove food particles from between your teeth and the gaps between your braces. This will help to preserve the whiteness and general health of your teeth during orthodontic treatment.

An antibacterial mouthwash is also a great idea. Properly rinsing and cleaning the mouth with mouthwash before bed will combat any bacteria that have collected on your braces, while those with clear plastic aligners can use mouthwash before switching in their clean trays to reinforce the germ-free environment within the mouth.

3. Actively protect your mouth

Be proactive about protecting your mouth during the orthodontic treatment.

If you are wearing traditional braces, avoid foods – such as sticky or gummy sweets and hard candies — that are likely to get stuck in your braces, or that will put extra stress on the orthodontic equipment.

If you play sports, take extra precaution against blows to the mouth or face. Talk to your orthodontist about the risks of injury and setback and ask them to create a mouthguard for you if you are concerned about facial contact during your regular form of exercise.

4. Never miss an orthodontic appointment

Remember that your orthodontic treatment has been tailored and personalised to deliver results for your unique mouth. This means that your treatment has been planned and plotted on a specific schedule, and that meeting your orthodontic appointments is crucial in ensuring the overall success of the treatment.

If you know that there is a schedule clash looming, contact your orthodontist immediately and make an alternate booking. They will know where you are on your journey towards an enhanced smile and will be able to advise you accordingly.

5. Follow through with aftercare measures

The day when your braces come off — or the day when you no longer have to wear your aligners for the full 22 hours per day — can feel like an enormous relief. However, it is very important to follow through with all aftercare measures and bring your orthodontic treatment to a successful conclusion.

In some cases, this might require you to wear a retainer for some months after the main orthodontic treatment is complete. Alternatively, the removal of braces might reveal some hidden issues with your teeth that the orthodontist will want to resolve.

Stick with it — and take motivation from how far you have already travelled towards the destination of your enhanced smile.

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