Prevent stains and maintain your oral health by regularly cleaning your ceramic braces.

Cleaning your ceramic braces can be a tricky task, but it is important that you practice proper oral hygiene throughout the course of your treatment. There are several things you should do when cleaning your braces to avoid damaging them, while also protecting all other surfaces in your mouth from any harmful bacteria. Keep the surface of your brackets clean by brushing regularly and learn which foods are best avoided while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Read on to find out more about keeping your ceramic braces clean and maintaining your oral health in the process…

Brush and floss regularly

Brushing and flossing are vital habits for anyone, but if you have braces it is particularly important that you practice proper oral hygiene habits. Clear braces are a susceptible to stains, so it is advisable that you brush your teeth after every meal. It is also a good idea to floss after meals if you can — this will help to get rid of food particles and bacteria that can lead to the build-up of plaque.

Besides brushing and flossing, it is also advisable that you rinse with a mouthwash after eating and drinking anything besides water. An anti-bacterial mouthwash is a good choice as it helps to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Avoid foods and drinks that stain

While good oral hygiene habits will help to prevent stains to your ceramic braces, it is also a good idea to avoid certain foods and drinks that can lead to discolouration. Some of the worst culprits include dark sauces like tomato sauce and soy; dark fruits and berries like blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranates; and dark drinks like cola and coffee.

Sugary and acidic foods and beverages should also be avoided as much as possible — these contribute to the build-up of plaque, which can cause stains on your teeth and braces.

Visit your orthodontist  

One of the best ways to keep your ceramic braces clean and free from stains is to see your orthodontist for regular professional cleans. Every day, food particles and bacteria accumulate on your teeth. You may notice that these substances can stain or damage the ceramic braces you wear to straighten your teeth.

To avoid this issue, make sure you set time aside for regular professional cleans with an orthodontist who is trained in working with dental appliances like braces. These visits will also help keep plaque build-up at bay while maintaining optimal oral health for years to come.

How can we help?

It’s important to make sure your braces are as clean as possible. This will reduce the risk of developing any type of infection or oral disease, and will also ensure that your smile looks good throughout the course of treatment. We encourage you to talk to us about how best to keep your teeth and gums healthy during this time by practicing proper oral hygiene, avoiding certain foods and drinks, taking care when flossing near the brackets on either side of each tooth, brushing after every meal using a soft-bristled brush and rinsing with a mouthwash regularly.

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