Adolescent Treatment (teen Invisalign)

Invisalign for Teens

We offer Invisalign for teens. Find out if your teeth would benefit from Invisalign today!

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic options available. It’s a very subtle options, making it very difficult for other to know you’re wearing orthodontics and is the most popular amongst teenagers and grown adults.

There are many reasons why adolescence can the best time for orthodontic treatment; however, occasionally even earlier intervention is called for and often it may be due to the the development of the teeth. There is no set time for every child to receive orthodontic treatment, but generally by the age of 11-13 the deciduous (baby) teeth have all been lost, and the permanent ones have largely come in. This is the time when we can go to work correcting any issues that may cause a bad bite (malocclusion), improper tooth spacing or poor alignment.

Orthodontic problems become more difficult to treat the older the patient gets. It’s much easier to treat orthodontic problems when a child’s teeth and jaws are still growing and developing. Whether we use conventional metal braces, ceramic braces or even Invisalign, we have a range of orthodontic solutions for all areas of concern.

In this day and age, it’s very common for teens to receive braces and the benefits will last them a lifetime!

The Treatment Process

Every patient is unique and therefore, each treatment plan should be tailored to the patients specific condition. During your first consultation, your orthodontist will take photos and X-ray images of your mouth. Depending on your natural bite we may take a mould of your teeth.

Next, we will develop a treatment plan. Depending on your orthodontic concerns, this may involve traditional braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign or one of our other orthodontic treatments, depending on your individual needs.

Due to it’s appearance and convenience, Invisalign is a very popular option for teens. Invisalign is a series of removable, clear plastic trays that gradually straighten teeth over a period of time. Formerly recommended only for adult patients, they now come with special features like compliance indicators to tell how often you’ve been wearing them, which make them appropriate for teens in some situations. The advantage: they’re practically invisible!

Other orthodontic appliances may be recommended where major tooth or jaw movement is needed. They can range from small devices that fit inside the mouth to external headgear. But don’t worry: You’ll get used to them, and they’re temporary — they provide important long-term benefits.

How Long Will I Wear Them?

Unfortunately, there’s no one answer to this question. It all depends on what we need to do in your individual situation. Generally, the active stage of orthodontic treatment lasts 6-30 months. Afterwards, you will wear a retainer for another period of time. When your orthodontic treatment is complete, the new smile we’ve worked so hard on together will be yours for a lifetime.

Orthodontics for Teenagers in Mentone, Melbourne

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